If you did not get pictures done this past weekend, you can reach out to Dave Stock Photography at 972-966-0312 or stephanie@teamDSP.com to schedule. 
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When does the season start?

A. HVABSA has 2 formal seasons for rec-baseball and rec-softball:

         - The SPRING season typically runs from Mid-March to Mid-May, and

         - The FALL season typically runs from Mid-September to Mid-November.  

                *These can vary slightly based on numerous outside factors. 

Q. When is registration? 

A. Registration dates can also vary somewhat, but are generally:

      - Mid December through late January for the SPRING season, and

      - Late June through Late July/Early August for the FALL season. 

Q. How much does it cost?

A.  Softball and Baseball fees vary between programs and leagues (age groups).  A complete list of Registration Fees can be found here.



Field Status at Unity ParkA
Please Note: The City will make the decision on field conditions.  We are notified by 2pm. and this website will be updated by 3pm.

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Please send all inquiries to us via: info@hvabsa.com. Please allow a few days for response.  For immediate assistance please click here to contact the appropriate board member directly.



We would like to ask our parents to please clean up the area around the stands after every game. Simply remind each other to dispose of trash in the provided cans when you leave the stands. Less garbage laying around makes our park more enjoyable for everyone!!  Please help us keep our relationship with the city strong!